123 Games Online : Balls/Kulki by Piotr Pytlik

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Copyright © 1999, Double P Software, All Rights Reserved
Version 2.1, Last Updated on November 4, 1999

This is the third, official release of this addictive game.
It will now save your Highest Scores as Cookies within your browser per difficulty level.
You can also Clear your Highest Scores for current level or Trim to keep only 10 scores on the list.
Select the Level (# of colors) to play, start the game. It will deal 5 random balls.
Move one of them to align 5 or more balls in one straigh line (horizontal, verticall, or diagonal).
Moves are valid only if there is a clear path to the destination (diagonal moves are not valid).
After every move, computer deals another 3 random balls (this can fill-up the board and end the game).
If you align 5 or more balls, they will all be removed and you will be awarded scores.
As a bonus, computer doesn't deal another 3 random balls after your successful removal of 5+
The game is over if there are no more empty slots for new balls or for your move.
The goal of the game is to get the highest possible score (different scoring based on Level).

Please visit again in a while for newer, improved versions of this game for even more fun.